Ron Ventura, Ph.D.                                    


My study and work are dedicated to marketing and consumer research. I focus on marketing to consumers, which means consumers also acting as customers and shoppers, mainly from the perspective of consumer behaviour.

In greater detail, my main areas of specialisation and interest include:

  • Consumer decision making
  • Information processing
  • Preferences & choice behaviour
  • Branding & brand equity
  • Pricing & value
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Visual Marketing

My academic upbringing includes a BA in Economics and Statistics, an MBA with a major in Marketing, both from Tel-Aviv University, and a doctoral degree in Marketing (consumer decision making) from Lancaster University in the UK.

Over the years (since 1993) I have worked as a researcher, manager of statistical studies, and scientific adviser in relation to marketing and consumer behaviour. Topics of research projects included consumer preferences and choice, new products, pricing, segmentation, advertising, and more. In more recent years I have worked mostly as an independent researcher and consultant, and added more areas to my practical experience such as customer relationships.  My orientation is quantitative research, having extensive experience in statistical analyses. I find the research work intriguing, creative, and often enough fascinating when I learn and reveal new things about consumers, their viewpoints and behaviours.

In my leisure time I like travelling, walking or hiking (depending on the environment), photography, and listening to Jazz, Italian, Irish and 1960s-1980s music.

Birkenplatz Terrace, Zurich on the Lake

Bridging between my interests in visual marketing and photography, I am engaged in exploring and studying more closely how photography is used in marketing, advertising  and retailing, and the effects photographs may have on different aspects of consumer behaviour, cognition and emotion. Photographs can capture, communicate and promote product design, interior and exterior design of retail and service venues, and a variety of personal experiences from everyday episodes to larger orchestrated events, instilled with a marketing or retail context and significance.

Significant technological developments are pervading consumers’ lives in many aspects — digital transformation, Big Data, smart agents, to name just a few of those contemporary technological phenomena. They have intrigued and motivated me to study more deeply and methodically their impact on marketing and related fields, and on consumer behaviour in those contexts. In particular, I am studying the application and impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in the fields of marketing, services, advertising, and retailing. My research effort is directed to exploring, identifying, and assessing the managerial and practical implications of AI and robotics in those fields, especially with regard to the effects of their applications on consumer behaviour and decision making.

Seeing Marketing in the Eye of the Consumer

In my ConsumerGateway Blog I would like to share knowledge, ideas and insights on consumers, shoppers and customers with emphasis on what we can learn from research about them. When reviewing marketing events and phenomena in the real world I wish to offer an assessment of them in the eye of the consumer.

Feel welcome and be free to walk around and pick posts to your interest and taste.

Visit also the ‘sister’ website of ConsumerGateway:

Consumer / Shopper / Customer Behaviour at csc-behaviour.com


Fog Flowing Over Trubsee (Engelberg)


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